• Structural Audit
    Why is it to be conducted?
    Did you know that it is now mandatory for all co-operative
    housing societies, whose buildings are more than 15 years old
    to have a mandatory STRUCTURAL AUDIT carried out every
    5th year to determine the existing life of the building's structure
    & the balance life of the structure?
  • Waterproofing
    Waterproofing is important
    Waterproofing your most important assets, a house or building,
    is extremely important. Every home, office building or any
    structure erected that contains a roof and wall,
    should be installed with water proof material.
    Building Repairs
    External Repairs
    External parts of a building will be weathered
    quickly when exposed to the natural environment.
    Without proper maintenance, they will deteriorate easily.
  • Paintings & Coatings
    Importance of Paintings & Coatings
    Exterior paint differs greatly from interior paint
    as it needs to provide adequate protection for the surfaces
    of your home. The exterior of your home is continually
    exposed to harsh weather elements such as hot sunshine.
Structural Audit

We all have been deliberating as to how to repair our buildings, what should be the budget, whether it is affordable for our pockets etc.


The simplest Defination of waterproofing is to keep unwanted water out of the system.

Repairs & maintenance

Construction Errors, Corrosion of Embedded Metals, Design Errors, Inadequate structural design.

External & Internal Painting

Regular inspection and maintenance may enable timely identification of deteriorated building elements.

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The entire floor surface shall be cleaned and all dirt, dust and other contaminants shall be removed completely. All sharp edges shall be grinded to make them flush with the surfaces. All smooth surfaces shall be made rough by mechanical means to provide mechanical key for the subsequent application. The substrate shall be allowed to cure and dry completely as per standard practice.


The newly installed substrate shall be allowed to cure and dry as per standard practice. Sharp edges and other protrusions shall be grinded to make them flush with the surface. The surface shall be cleaned to make it free from all dirt, dust, efflorescence, laitance and other contaminants. Substrate shall be level (floor), flat and plumb in line (wall).

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